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AA Path

NEW! AA Path

Loveland Campus wallStarting Fall 2017, the Loveland Campus is offering the new AA Path program for the Associate of Arts degree.

AA Path is a program to help students reach their goals and graduate with an Associate of Arts degree within 2 years. It saves students time and money.

Complete the Associate of Arts degree in four or five semesters. The journey is yours, and know what's ahead of you on the guided path. Travel with a cohort of students from the beginning to your destination. Contact the Loveland Campus at (970) 667-4611 or email for more information.

About AA PathAA Path stats

AA Path is an Associate of Arts degree program at the Loveland Campus where you start and finish in a cohort (groups of students that stay together throughout a program) with the intent to graduate in four to five semesters, depending on where you start in the program.

WHY is this program different from the other AA programs because four to five semesters is the standard time to finish? Four to five semesters is the standard time to finish if you are taking 30 credits per academic year, but the majority of students today at Aims and nationwide take less credits and on average graduate in five years. Some of the reasons for this is financial aid considers 12 credits full-time, and many students juggle other commitments such as work and family and take fewer credits.

The AA Path will guarantee that the needed courses to graduate are offered in a two-year plan and you can know what’s ahead of you. You won’t have to worry about whether you are choosing the wrong course or if you are taking the right sequence of courses. AA Path has priority registration and wrap-around services with advising, tutoring and other support services, including financial literacy workshops. We will guide you through the whole process, so all you have to do is focus on learning.Loveland AA Path trail

Research shows that students who participate in programs like the AA Path are more successful at reaching their goals and graduating on time. Proven practices in the AA Path include going full-time with 30 credits per year, taking required college-level math and English in the first year, and completing nine program credits towards your degree within the first year.