COVID-19 Information

Employee Campus COVID Protocols

Campus Protocols

To help promote a healthy and safe environment Aims has established the following guidelines for all employees, students, and vendors while on campus. These guidelines are based on information obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the Weld County Department of Health and Environment. 

If an employee calls in sick from home, fails the check-in process or becomes ill during the course of the day, this Report of Illness Employee Process must be followed.

NOTICE: All employees will be required to report to an Aims check-In station every day to  work on-site. Below are the expectations for check-in:

  • Employees must wear a mask.
  • Employees must have either their Aims ID badge or Aims name tag with a valid Colorado ID to enter any building.
  • Employees cleared to enter will be issued a wristband. Wristbands are valid for day of issue only.
  • Buildings college-wide will have one main entry. All other exits will be for emergency use only.


  1. Employees will be required to wear masks at all times while indoors when not working at their personal workspace.
  2. Masks will need to be in place if someone enters your workspace.
  3. Employees will also be required to wear masks coverings when outdoors and cannot maintain 3 feet of separation between people.
  4. Employees who work in open or shared workspaces without sufficient partitioning will be required to wear masks while at their workspace.

General Hygiene

  1. All employees are encouraged to wash their hands frequently.
  2. Limit access to others – practice social distancing.
  3. Employees should disinfect their personal workstations at the start and end of the workday. More frequently if they work with other individuals at their workstation.
  4. Cleaning supplies will be provided by the employer
  5. Shared office equipment should be eliminated. Any shared equipment by employees should be thoroughly cleaned after each use.
  6. Establish a 3-foot clearance around all front desk/reception locations, if applicable, to assist with the practice of social distancing.
  7. Employees must wear gloves during a sale or exchange of any items (Money, Books, technology equipment etc.)
  8. Gloves will be provided by the employer

Meeting / Conference Rooms

  1. In-person meetings are allowed but 3 feet of social distancing should be maintained.
  2. Employees should be aware of posted occupancy limits outside of each common area including restrooms.
  3. No shared food and beverages will be allowed in meeting rooms.
  4. Masks are required in meetings unless social distancing can be maintained.
  5. Disinfect meeting rooms, particularly frequently touched surfaces, before and after each use.
  6. Cleaning supplies will be provided by the employer
  7. Select your office supplies from the department supply pool and keep them for your constant use and disinfecting to minimize cross-contamination.
  8. All shared equipment and collaboration tools and technology (touchpads, conference phones, laptop plug-ins, etc.) and similar equipment should be cleaned by employees after each use.


  1. Minimize non-essential travel and adhere to CDC and local health department guidelines regarding isolation after travel.
  2. Employees taking personal travel should adhere to CDC and local health department guidelines regarding isolation after travel.
  3. Personal travel, including domestic and international, does not need to be reported to Human Resources. The College encourages individuls to make informed choices regarding their personal travel and to stay home if unwell.
  4. Follow college approval process for work-related travel.

Cleaning Supplies

  1. Please submit a ticket to Facilities & Operations for needed supplies.

If you are expected to return to on-site work and have any concerns or questions, please contact Human Resources to assist you with your concerns.

EAP resources are also available at or 1-866-252-4468

Username: acc
Password: eap

Report violations or concerns to Campus Safety & Security by calling 970-888-2582 or by submitting an anonymous report to Ask HR.

For general questions, please contact your supervisor, Cabinet member or Human Resources at