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EMS students get hands-on practice at Aims.

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

Earn an Advanced EMT Certificate at Aims

Do you want to expand upon your existing EMT knowledge and training? The Aims advanced emergency medical technician certificate program is a great way to take the next step in your EMS career. Broaden the scope of your existing basic EMT practice with the Aims advanced EMT certificate program. Along with the Aims Fire Academy training, the Advanced EMT program is one of two elective credit options that can apply toward earning an EMS associate degree at Aims.

Advanced EMT is a certification level between basic EMT and paramedic. Advanced EMTs receive training in more advanced EMS procedures. These include advanced airway support, administering certain medications and starting IV or IO lines.

This 13-hour, two-semester hybrid program includes online, classroom and clinical components. You’ll receive intensive hands-on training from experienced instructors who will prepare you to apply your new skills as an advanced EMT.

The Aims advanced EMT certificate training is based at the Public Safety Institute on the Windsor campus. Designed to function like an actual fire station, the Aims fire, police and EMS program training is held at the Public Safety Institute.

The advanced EMT certificate training includes:

  • In-depth study of anatomy and physiology in lectures and labs using a high-tech Anatomage virtual cadaver table
  • An advanced EMS simulation studio with rooms populated by lifelike patient simulators
  • State-of-the-art lab equipment
  • Working ambulances that allow you to train in a moving ambulance
  • A clinical experience with a fire department, ambulance service or hospital

Apply your compassion and drive to positively impact your community by earning an advanced EMT certificate at Aims. Build your EMS skills and gain more clinical hours that will prepare you to enter either the EMS or paramedic associate degree programs at Aims. 

The Aims EMS program is recognized by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Take Your EMT Skills to the Next Level by Earning an Advanced EMT Certificate

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

Watch Kristie Skala, one of the full-time EMS faculty members at Aims Community College show you the Advanced EMT certificate. Advanced EMT training has paramedic mentoring and real-life situations for a comprehensive learning experience.

The Aims Advanced EMT Certificate Program Pairs Theory With Practice

In classes and labs, expand your existing EMT knowledge and learn the new skills and techniques an advanced EMT needs.

In this advanced EMT certificate program, you’ll study:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Patient assessments
  • Medical, trauma and special circumstance emergencies

In multiple lab sessions, you’ll run through various realistic scenarios that will give you hands-on practice at assessing and treating patients. In the second semester, you’ll do a clinical rotation in the community, and gain real-world experience with a fire department, hospital, ER department or ambulance service.

Build Career Skills by Earning EMS Certificates at Aims

Develop your skills from the ground up with EMS certificates ranging from emergency medical responder through paramedic-level training. Build skills to advance your EMS career or enter the Aims paramedic associate degree program.

  • EMT - Emergency Medical Responder Certificate
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • EMT - Pre-Paramedic Certificate
  • EMT - Paramedic Preparation Certificate
  • Paramedic Certificate

Take the Next Step in Your EMS Career as an Advanced EMT 

The advanced EMT certificate program at Aims helps you build additional EMT skills and clinical hours. This program can also support your continued education in other healthcare roles, including as a paramedic, nurse, clinical medical assistant, nurse practitioner or doctor. Becoming an advanced EMT can also make you a more competitive candidate in the workforce.

After earning your EMT certificate, you’ll be prepared to take the national advanced EMT certification exam (NREMT). After earning your advanced EMT certification, you can apply to upgrade your EMT state license and practice as an advanced EMT in Colorado.

Advanced EMTs work in similar settings as EMTs, including:

  • Fire departments
  • Critical care transport organizations
  • EMS staffing agencies

Advanced EMT Faculty and Staff

The Aims EMT faculty and staff are all experienced in the field and many are Aims EMS program graduates. Learn from instructors who have worked in countless emergency scenarios and will teach you what you need to succeed in your EMS career. Aims adjunct faculty work with various local agencies including fire departments, ambulance services and flight medic services, which brings a diversity of experience to their instruction.

  • Heather Logan headshot

    Heather Logan

    Program Coordinator II, Emergency Medical Services
  • beth-meglin-headshot

    Beth Meglin

    Instructor, Emergency Medical Services
  • Kristine Skala headshot

    Kristine Skala

    Professor, Emergency Medical Services