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Fee Descriptions FAQ

This page provides descriptions of common fee and payment terms. Click on any of the other links below to view common questions and answers related to those payment topics.

This fee is charged at a flat rate per semester. Defrays costs broadly associated with admission, assessment, advising, career services, registration, graduation and other administrative costs.

Based on current bank rates. This fee defrays the cost of reissuing lost or misplaced checks that were issued to the student. Fee assessed at the time of reissue.

No charge for the original issuance of the diploma. *$10.00 for each additional copy.

Courses subject to an additional fee are noted in the class schedule. This fee is shown in the course details once you click on the CRN in the online class schedule. This fee defrays the cost of providing instructional supplies, materials and facilities.

This fee is charged for each online course you registered for. Courses subject to an additional fee are noted in the class schedule. This fee defrays the costs associated with online courses where all coursework is completed online.

Parking in designated lots/spaces on campus is free, however, a parking permit is required. Parking permits can be requested at the Testing Center.

*$15 for general violation, $100-$150 charge for handicap space violation. Contact Security for all questions.

This fee defrays the administrative costs to process a returned check. Returned checks are processed by PFC Check Solutions who will assess an additional $20 plus all applicable cost of collection pursuant to 13-21-109.

This fee is charged per credit hour up to 15 credit hours. Supports student-sponsored co-curricular activities and programs.

Free at this time. An additional fee will be required if overnight or 2-day delivery is requested.