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Guest Portal FAQ

This page provides answers to common questions students, parents and third parties might have about using the guest portal at Aims. Click on any of the other links below to view common questions and answers related to those payment topics.

The guest portal enables students to authorize another individual to view their specific student information. Individuals can be granted access to view information such as bills and the yearly 1098-T tax forms. Access may also be granted to pay by credit card or set up a payment plan for that student. Access is granted using the guest’s email address.

The student needs to follow the steps outlined on the Guest Portal page. 

Setup takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Once the student begins the setup, the guest will begin to receive emails with further instructions. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you believe access has been granted and you are not finding the email in your primary inbox.

Your username is your email address. The Guest is sent an initial password via email with the subject "A Guest Portal account has been created" and is only initiated when your account is created by the student. You will be asked to change your password upon logging in the first time.

The student who gave you guest access can also initiate a password reset for you. Please let your student know that you have lost your password and it is necessary to reset your password. The student will find this "reset password" link on the profile tab at the bottom of the page inside the guest portal.

Students can authorize guest access by following the steps outlined on the Guest Portal page. 

They select the "setup guest" portal access link found on the page. They will then click on your name and switch to the authorizations tab.

Students then choose from the list to give access to the guest. Students can then click on the “email authorizations” icon to email the guest that permission has been granted. 

The student can grant you access to information or payment links for the student's account at this time. Access is available for the following:

  • View bill
  • View Yearly 1098-T tax form
  • Pay Bill using Credit Card
  • Set up a Payment plan

At this time, the college has chosen not to allow that information to be seen through the guest portal. This may be available as an option at a future date. Please note: Due to Department of Education guidelines, financial aid records (FAFSA), such as awards or eligibility status, cannot be available through the guest portal. This information is only available to students through their MyAims account.

The secure information should appear on the tab with your student's name on it. If you do not see your student's name or their account information contact your student first. Students must authorize their guest access to secure information. If your student has authorized your access it should appear almost immediately. If a student authorized your access WHILE you were logged in, you would need to log out, then back in again, to see the information. If your student has authorized your access, and you still cannot access this information, contact the Helpdesk via email.

Yes, as long as each student logs into MyAims and completes the setup for your email account. For each student that has identified you as a guest (proxy) within AIMS Proxy Access, there will be a tab with each student’s name along the top of the webpage. When you select a name you will see the listing of self-service banner pages that the student has authorized you to view.

The initial email you received about the guest portal access provided you with a unique URL to access AIMS Guest Portal with a temporary password.

If you already accessed the guest portal and set up your new password, use the following URL to log into the guest portal:

This URL was also in the second email you received indicating that a relationship has been established by your student in AIMS Guest Access.

Bookmark this URL so you can easily find it in the future:

Enter your temporary password in the box for "Old PIN" on the PIN reset page, and then enter a new PIN (Personal Identification Number) according to the directions.

PIN, the acronym for Personal Identification Number, is a password made up of numbers and letters used to access AIMS Proxy Access.

You can easily change your password by going to the AIMS Proxy Access login web page and select the “Forgot Pin” icon. An email will be sent to your email address with a unique link and temporary password. You will use your temporary password as the “Old PIN” in the PIN reset process.

If you receive this message, please follow the directions to request a pin reset. Enter your email address and then select “Forgot PIN”. This will automatically generate an email with a temporary password. Please note that when you enter your temporary password in the “PIN” field, the temporary password is case sensitive and cut/paste may add extra spaces, which will result in a failed attempt.

On your proxy profile page, update your email address and click save. The system will then send two email messages; the first to your old email address to inform you that a request for a change from this email address has occurred and that if it was done in error, with a unique link to click to cancel the change. The second email is to your new email address indicating that a change to this address was initiated with a unique link to click to confirm this email address change.

The student is in control of the self-service banner pages you can view. If you can no longer view a self-service banner page, please contact the student.

In most cases, no. The guest is only able to acquire student information through the guest portal. FERPA is still in effect to the student record by phone or visiting the college unless the student has completed the “Release of Confidential Information” form with the college directly. Students under the age of 18 are still bound by FERPA regulations. Student account information can only be released either via the guest portal or the student submitting the “Release of Confidential Information” form with the college directly.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the E-signature Act of 2004 are federal regulations that require the university to provide our students with a “safe harbor” of protected access to their educational records that include personally identifiable information. The FERPA guidelines grant sole control of the education records of postsecondary school records to the student. To comply with these regulations, Aims asks your student to enable or leave disabled access to records for each individual parent.