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Sponsor Billing Client or Company FAQ

This page provides answers to common questions students, parents and third parties might have about third-party payments. Click on any of the other links below to view common questions and answers related to those payment topics.

Cashier’s Office locations accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express for all sponsor invoice payments.  Agencies and businesses can call our office to pay with a credit/debit card over the phone or mail in a check. 

Third-party/Sponsor means that a company, business, federal, state or county entity is requesting Aims Community College to invoice them for a student's tuition/fees and/or other fees tied to registration. 

The Cashier’s Office can be contacted by phone, mail, or email. Please refer to our website or current schedule publication for the current contact information. Our general email address for all third-party/sponsor client questions in reference to your client account is

Clients/Companies can submit third-party authorization paperwork by mail,  email or send it with the student.

Our email address for sponsor billing is 

No, students are not dropped from classes unless the student owes a balance greater than $200.00 from the prior semester, even if paperwork is on file for the new semester. Students are sent email notifications.  

All paperwork is due by the posted deadlines to avoid service fees, registration holds and billing notices. 

A third-party authorization is a document that states the following

  • Students name, Aims ID#
  • Semester to be covered
  • What the company is requesting to be invoiced for: such as Tuition and/or fees, books
  • Any special conditions: such as maximum amount to be billed, only certain tuition classification rates, specific classes, etc.
  • Billing address for invoicing
  • Contact information with company or entity

Yes, please contact the bookstore for further information on the proper procedures for that office. Invoices are produced and sent out by Barnes and Noble.  

Generally, the company/entity will see an invoice mailed to them 30-60 days after the drop deadline for that semester for tuition and/or fees. Typically, all billing to entities is complete shortly after the mid-term of that semester.

Invoices are sent via email or USPS depending on how the entity prefers to receive invoices.  Any additional paperwork to be included with the invoice is also dependent on the entity. If you need copies of additional documentation , please be sure to state that on your authorization. 

The Student Accounts office starts processing the sponsor (third-party) authorizations after the full term drop deadline has passed. Within the next 30-60 days after drop period ends, we process the authorization for that student, Our system posts a payment to the student account paying them an amount equal to the authorization and at the same time puts a charge on the clients/entities account equal to the authorization. The student account is paid and the company/entity is now responsible for those charges. An invoice is then sent to the company/entity.

For questions on your invoice, you are welcome to contact the Student Accounts/Cashier's Office by phone at 970-339-6349 or by email at

Yes, the authorization can be canceled by contacting our office by phone at (970) 339-6349 or by emailing If we haven’t invoiced the company yet, we can cancel the authorization so that the students’ charges are not invoiced to the company. If we have already invoiced the company/entity, we can still cancel the authorization and the student’s account will be adjusted appropriately. The student will then be billed for their tuition charges according to Aims Community College billing processes.

Yes, the revised authorization must be submitted to Aims Community College as soon as possible. We will void the previous authorization and process the revised authorizations per sponsor (third-party) billing procedures.

Yes, you are welcome to call (970) 339-6349 in order to pay your invoice by credit card. Please identify that you are a sponsor (third-party) entity requesting to pay for your invoice by credit card. Please give the staff member the name of your company/entity, the entity's Aims account number, and the invoice number. Our staff will then pull your invoice from our files and then proceed to take your payment. We can email the company a copy of the receipt if you wish.

Yes, please include a copy of the invoice and the company check payable to Aims Community College. We also recommend that on the check stub or in the memo area of the check, please note the invoice number you are paying. This will help Aims Community College process your payment quickly and properly.

It depends on the entity.  Requests are reviewed on a case by case basis.  Requests can be sent to our email and will be reviewed by the Student Accounts Manager. 

Tuition authorizations are due by the full term drop deadline for each semester to ensure timely processing.  Tuition authorizations are accepted at any time once the student registers for the semester.