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Degree Works

Degree Works is a web‐based planning tool designed to help students and advisors monitor student progress toward completion of degrees and/or certificates. This tool provides an accessible and organized way for students to know where they stand academically and how they can plan the rest of their college career, but is not a substitution for consultation with program requirements listed in the catalog. 

What does Degree Works 5.0 offer?

  • View program information (i.e. degree or certificate, major, and concentrations)
  • View GPA.
  • See courses registered for current term
  • See courses registered for future term(s)
  • View registration holds
  • View probation status
  • Read advising notes and correspondence
  • View progress toward degree and/or certificate completion
  • Assess where student’s registration will fit toward completion 
  • Share their progress with a Pathway Advisor for planning purposes
  • Utilize the “What-If” feature to test how completed coursework will iranslate to a new program
  • See how coursework from other schools transferred to Aims
  • Calculate projected GPA for upcoming terms