Registration and Records

Incomplete FAQ

This page provides answers to common questions students might have about incomplete grades at Aims. Click on the links below to view the questions and answers for other student enrollment and records-related topics.

You should contact your instructor to see if an Incomplete would work for you. To be eligible for an Incomplete, you must have successfully completed 75 percent of the class. If the instructor agrees to work with you, an Incomplete Contract must be completed. You will need to sign the contract and should receive a copy.

You will have one semester to complete your Incomplete. Under special circumstances your instructor may allow an extra term for class completion.

Do not register for the class again. If you register for the class again, you will have to pay for it twice.

Unfortunately you will not be able to withdraw from this class. You cannot withdraw from a class after the withdrawal deadline.

Once you finish an Incomplete, your instructor will have to submit your Incomplete Contract with your final grade to the Student Enrollment Office. Once Student Enrollment receives the contract, it usually takes one business day to post your grade.