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Repro Copy Center

The Repro Copy Center is a full-service print production facility located in the Cornerstone Building on the Aims Greeley Campus. We offer a range of services and materials and are ready to help faculty, staff and students with their copying, binding and printing needs.


The Repro Copy Center is fast, efficient, convenient and cost effective. We can produce a variety of copy orders, such as handouts, booklets, tests, color copies and posters. We are able to copy on a variety of colors and sizes of paper and can print your job without you having to leave your office; just attach it to an email and send it to See how to order for specific instructions.

Color Copies

We can produce full color copies up to 13" x 19". Our color machine will copy on most papers, including envelopes and we can usually print high-quality color copies while you wait.

Large Format Printing

We can print up to 44" wide on photo quality paper, canvas or a matte-finish paper.

Our bindery equipment allows us to create professional quality materials that endure the demands of everyday use. From collating to cutting using a variety of hand-operated and automated machines, the bindery department is designed for precision and accuracy.

We offer a wide variety of in-house finishing services, including folding, stapling, cutting/trimming, drilling, perforating, mail merges, saddle stitching, stuffing, collating and padding. If the Repro Copy Center cannot provide a certain service in-house, it will contact an outside vendor to complete your project.


We offer spiral, comb or stitched binding in-house. Other requested forms of book stitching may be sent to a trusted outside vendor.


Holes can be drilled on any side of a publication. Standard drilling requests are three-hole on the left side or two-hole at the top. The heavy duty drilling machine can be set up to drill a ½ inch hole in any location on a sheet and can drill up to 250 sheets of paper at a time.


We can hand-fold or machine-fold documents in a number of formats.


We can secure documents for long-term use by laminating. The largest size our lamination equipment will support is 25 inches wide by any length.


Sequential numbering is a function that must be sent to an outside vendor. Please allow three to four days for printed materials to be sent out for numbering.


Perforation can be used to produce removable reply cards, coupons and reminder pieces. We do not have perforation equipment. These jobs must be sent to an outside vendor.


We can help you put your mailing pieces together by stuffing letters and informational materials in envelopes. We can also provide the envelopes if needed. Large mailings may have to be sent to an outside vendor that concentrates on just that function.

If you are looking to promote your program or are in need of graphic design, please contact the Marketing and Communications department.

We offer a variety of high-quality, low-cost printing including forms, brochures, posters, cards, business cards, letterhead and envelopes. We can print on most types of paper with most ink colors and have a variety of colors and types of paper in stock. Sizes vary up to 12” x 18” on the printing press.

If we are not able to produce your print job in the Repro Copy Center, we will facilitate sending it to a trusted outside vendor to complete your project within the best budget and timeline possible.

How to Order

The Repro Copy Center can accommodate your order in a variety of ways.

E-mail any order to Please include all information that may apply to the order, such as due date, number of copies, contact information, account number and delivery method. Attach your file and send. We will follow up with a reply to your email. 

If you do not receive a follow up email please contact the Repro Copy Center at extension 6272. We accept a variety of software files including Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, JPEG, TIF, EPS, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator files. If you have a print order that is not created in one of these formats, contact our staff. Many times we are able to convert or work with your file and produce it.

Just fill out our easy-to-use Repro Copy Center work-order form. These forms are available from our Repro storeroom or most division offices. When your order form is complete, just place it in one of the conveniently located pick-up boxes in division offices or in the outgoing mail. The purchasing department picks up and delivers twice per day. The Repro Copy Center work-order form may be used to order any print order, Repro storeroom item, paper or envelopes.  

Most copy jobs can be handled quickly. If it’s a larger job, we’ll tell you when you can come by to pick it up. Our office is in the Cornerstone Building. Come in Door B and follow the signs.

Phone in orders for storeroom items or print orders that we have printed before. We’ll fill out the paperwork for you.

Price Estimates

If you have questions about a job, including how much it will cost, give us a call and we can do most estimates over the phone. For larger jobs, we can email you back with an estimate.

Repro Copy Center Staff

The Aims Repro Copy Center Staff are dedicated to helping faculty, staff and students with their printing, copying and binding needs on time and on budget.


Janine Moore headshot

Janine Moore

Manager, Reprographics

Chad Sarroca

Reprographic Technician