Search all of our locations across our 4 campuses.

  • Pathway to West Campus

    Greeley Campus
    This paved pedestrian path leads the way to the West side of campus. Along the path are the Memorial Garden as well as Peace Poles planted as part of a worldwide peace initiative.
  • Practice/Intramural Fields

    Greeley Campus
    The 1.1 acre athletic fields north of the Cornerstone Building provide space for students and staff to stay active outdoors. Here students plays intramural sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, flag football and more.
  • Repro Copy Center

    Greeley Campus
    A full-service print production facility located in the Cornerstone building. A range of services are offered such as copying, binding and printing.
  • Student Commons

    Greeley Campus
    This is the "one stop shop" on the Greely Campus. Several services and resources are accessible here including: enrollment, assessment, academic testing, transcripts, advising, financial aid, and payment. The Learning Commons and bookstore are also located here.
  • Tennis Courts

    Greeley Campus
    Three concrete tennis courts are available for use, along with a hitting wall that can be utilized year round.
  • Fort Lupton Campus Testing Center

    Fort Lupton Campus
    High quality testing and proctoring is provided in a secure and inclusive environment with adherence to test security procedures and standards outlined by the National College Testing Association.
  • Transitions Center

    Greeley Campus
    Includes multiple transition services and programs for students coming into or moving on from Aims, including: Orientation, Peer Coaching, Career Services, Transfer Services, and Aims2UNC.
  • Tutoring Services - Greeley

    Learning Commons - Greeley
    Professional tutors at Aims are committed to partnering with students to help them succeed in college.
  • Walking Path

    Fort Lupton Campus
    Staff, students and community members can get fresh air and exercise along this 0.8-mile pathway featuring fitness equipment.
  • Welcome Center (Future)

    Greeley Campus
    (Opening in December 2021) The 105,720-square-foot Welcome Center on the Greeley Campus offers a wide range of student services in one central location, while also being a gathering space for current students, staff and community members.