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A.A. Degree Requirements

Associate of Arts Degree Online Requirements

Two of the top reasons students choose not to go to college are time and money. Aims wants to support your learning goals by offering a degree online. You can achieve your educational goals of an Associate of Arts degree by taking classes at Aims Community College whenever you want at the lowest cost in Colorado.  Aims students are able to earn an associate degree without ever leaving the comfort of home. And the cost for the online classes is even more comfortable.  Although all of the classes for an A.A. degree will be available online, that doesn’t mean students have to take them all online. You can mix and match!

The A.A. (Associate of Arts) degree carries a major of Liberal Arts. A student can earn an A.A. degree by completing the college’s general education and elective requirements. The courses listed below are available through the Aims Online Campus, although they may not be offered every semester.  Online students should work with an advisor to ensure that they can reach their educational goals on time. Courses for this degree can be taken online or in the classroom in any combination.

A.A. Degree Requirements can be found on our current catalog page.

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