Is Online Learning Right for Me?

You want to learn. You understand the importance, and value, of getting an education. But, you are too busy to make the commitment to being in class three, four or five days a week.

Perhaps the Online Campus at Aims Community College is the answer for you. Online learning is an increasingly popular way for people to get access to the courses and knowledge they need. In Aims online courses, you learn entirely online, using your computer with Internet access. In some online classes, you may have to go to a campus for your first class or for proctored-testing sessions in a campus lab. Consult the class schedule or your instructor for details.

Interested? Consider if online learning is right for you. First of all, understand that online classes are different than traditional classroom experiences in a number of ways.

Many students report learning more in online classes than in traditional classes and they find the online learning experience more rewarding. Still, online classes may not be suited to your individual learning style. Before you enroll in an online class, consider the following.

People who learn effectively in an online setting are:

  • Self-motivated and willing to accept responsibility for their own learning,
  • Self-disciplined, able to budget their time effectively and willing to stick to deadlines,
  • Comfortable with technology, especially web-based and internet technologies,
  • Willing to accept the challenge of being an independent learner,
  • Willing to take the initiative and contact their instructor when they have questions or concerns regarding the course,
  • Able to communicate well in writing,
  • Aware that the flexibility inherent in many online courses does not mean the course will be easy.

In addition, to be successful at online learning you must have:

If online learning suits your style and meets your needs, then consider enrolling in courses in Aims Community College's Online Campus. Consult the current Class Schedule for details.

Still not sure? Review the Is Online Learning Right for Me? questionnaire before pursuing an online course.