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The Discussion Tool

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The Discussion Tool allows you to participate in online class discussions by posting your comments to a discussion board and viewing your classmates' comments.

The tutorials will show you how to locate a discussion topic, view and read posts. You will also learn about posting options, using the HTML editor, previewing and compiling posts. 

Step 1

To access discussions, select Discussions on the navigation bar

Select discussions on navigation bar


Step 2

In the Forum, locate the Topic title link. Select the Topic title link to access the discussion postings for that topic.

Discussion Topic LInk


Step 3

You will also see the author of the post and the date and time stamp indicating when the message was posted. Select the blue subject title to access the posted message.

Post first discussion

Note: Your instructor might require you to post to the discussion thread before you can view your classmates' responses. If this is the case, you will see a message "You must compose a thread before you can read and reply to other threads in this topic."

Discussion Start a New Thread


Step 4

Select the posting to read it. To reply to the post, select the Reply button.

Reply to discussion posting

Type your message in the post box and click the Post button.

Reply to discussion posting


Select start a new "thread" to post a new message.

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Start A New Discussion Thread

This opens the the New Post Discussion Message window. You need to type in a new subject in the Subject. Type your message in the post box. When you are finished, select Post.

Starting a new message to post

When the new thread is posted, the Subject line will appear as a link. If you do not see if, click the Refresh button.

New message has been posted