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Uploading Files

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Step One:

Files that you create or edit in software on your own computer, such as a word processing program or a spreadsheet program, must be uploaded and submitted in your course. When you have completed your file in the software program you are using, click Save As.

saving file

This opens the Save As window. Make sure you know the location on your computer where you are saving the file and make sure you know the name of the file. After you have clicked Save, close the file in the software program you used to create the file.

file name and location


Step Two:

The next steps illustrate how to upload a file to the Assignments tool for the. Log in to your course and navigate to the Assignments page. Click on the name of the assignment where you need to upload your file.

Assignments Upload


Step Three:

The Assignment opens. You will note that at the bottom of the page, under Submit Files, the Files to Submit displays "(0) file(s) to submit." To upload the file that you created and saved on your computer, click the Add a File button.

Assignments Submit File


Step Four:

This opens the Upload File for Assignment Page. Click on the Browse button.

Assignments Upload

The file manager on your computer opens. To locate your file, you must remember where you saved the file and what you named the file. In this case, the file was saved to the Desktop. Locate and select the file and then click the Open button.

Select Assignments


Step Five:

You will see the file name appear in the Filename: text box. Click the Add button.

Assignments Upload verification


Step Six:

Back in the assignment, under Submit Files, you will see the number one and your filename under the Add a File button. That means that you have successfully uploaded your file. However, it is not yet submitted. To submit your assignment, you must click on the Submit button.

Assignments Submit

Step Seven:

When you have successfully submitted your assignment file, you will see a confirmation page.

Assignment Submission Successful

To upload and attach files to a discussion message, go in to Discussions Topic, click the Compose or Reply button and then locate the Add a File button under the message box. Click the browse button to locate the file using the same procedure as illustrated above. When the file name appears, click the Upload button. Then click the Post button to post your message with the attached file to the discussion topic.

Attachment Discussions

To upload and attach files to an email message, go in to Classlist Mail and access the Compose New Message window. Locate the Add a File button under the message box and click the Browse button under Attachments. When the filename appears in the text box your message is attached. Click the Send button to send your email message with the attached file.

Attachments Email

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