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The Quizzes Tool

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The Quizzes Tool allows you to take online quizzes and surveys. 

The tutorials will show you how to locate and take a quiz in your online course and illustrate different types of quiz questions that you may encounter. You will also learn how to submit your quiz for grading and view quiz results.

1. To access a quiz, click on the Quizzes link in the Course Tools navigation bar

Quiz Access


2. If a quiz is available, the quiz title will display under Current Quizzes. Click on the title to access the quiz.

Quiz available


3. On the Summary page for the selected quiz, you will see information about taking the quiz in Aims Online, including Quiz Specifics and Instructions. It is a good idea to read this material before you click the Start Quiz! link.

Quiz Summary


4. A Confirmation pop-up window opens and gives you information about the quiz. If the quiz is timed, the timer does not start until after you click the Ok button and the setup process is finished.

Quiz Confirmation


5. When the quiz opens, answer the questions by clicking inside the circle or square next to a multiple choice or true-false question or using the text boxes for short answer, matching or essay questions. Make sure that you click the Save button for each question.

Taking Quiz


6. When you are finished, check the Quiz Info area to make sure that you have answered all of the questions and saved your answers. Click the Go to Submit Quiz button.

Submit Quiz


7. The Quiz Submission Confirmation page will appear. If you are ready to submit your quiz, click the Submit Quiz button.

Quiz Submission


8. A Confirmation pop-up window will ask if you wish to submit your quiz. Click the Yes, submit quiz button to proceed.

Quiz Submission Confirmation


9. Depending on instructor settings, you may see your entire quiz, including your answers, correct answers and instructor feedback. This information is also available to your instructor. You may also view other data about your quiz by clicking on the Submissions button.

Quiz Summary

Click on your attempt to view question results.

Quiz Results

Question results

Question Results