28 Reasons



No. 1 Best Kept Secret - Arrive and ThriveArrive and Thrive

Wondering where we’ve been all your life? The main Aims campus is located at the heart of Greeley. We also have locations in Ft. Lupton, Loveland, and Windsor, each with high-quality programs, dedicated staff and faculty, and surroundings that will inspire you to greatness. See for yourself!


No. 2 We're Legit - AccreditedAccredited

Questioning our street cred? Fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, Aims maintains its accreditation through the continuous improvement model of the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP). Many of our vocational programs are also separately accredited by state or professional agencies. Find out more at


No. 3 Actions Speak Louder than Words - ValuesValues

Wonder what we stand for? Walk a mile in our shoes and you will find Communication, Safety, Respect and Professionalism, and Trust. The culture at Aims begins with these values.


No. 4 Mutual Respect - DiversityDiversity

Want to be part of a dynamic community? People at Aims come from many places and have different backgrounds, but we share a common goal. Our face is always changing, but the heart of our community is strong. Together we are all Aims.


No. 5 High-quality programs

200 High+Quality Programs

What makes your spirit soar? Whether it’s making things, playing music, working on cars or helping others, you’ll get the education or training you need to be successful.


No. 6 Keep your arm and leg - Low tuition

Low Tuition

Think you can’t afford college? Think again. Aims has one of the lowest tuition rates on the Front Range. Save enough money in your first two years at Aims to pay for a third when you transfer! Try our tuition calculator at


No. 7 Easy Access - Disability servicesDisability Services

Have a documented disability? Disability Access Services helps students with disabilities reach their academic potential. Some accommodations include extended test time, note takers, assistive technology, and more.


No. 7 We salute you - Military supportMilitary Support

Looking for support after your service? Aims is a VA-approved school, and our caring staff provide streamlined advising and academic guidance. Find out more at


No. 9 Pave your path - FYEFYE

Nervous about your first year–no matter your age? First Year Experience creates and sustains an environment that supports your social transition to Aims and its community and provides the tools and resources for your academic success. You … us. We’ll make quite a team, won’t we?!


No. 10 Gaining ground - Special programs

Special Programs

Feeling at a disadvantage? Programs like Emerging Scholars and TRiO Support Services are designed to help students become successful, independent learners.


No. 11 Money matters - ScholarshipsScholarships

Wondering how you’ll pay for college? In addition to federal aid (FAFSA) like grants, loans, and work study, scholarships are available to those who apply and qualify. Check out and apply for the scholarship opportunities that are best for you at


No. 12 Know yourself - Career servicesCareer Services

Asking yourself what you want to be when you grow up? For starters, take the Who Are You Quiz. Then visit Career Services to look at who you are, what you want to accomplish in life, and careers that fit you best. Connect with resources, events, and opportunities to build your network.


No. 13 Test your liminits - RigorRigor

Concerned about how challenging our courses are? Students find that courses at Aims are just as challenging here as they are at a four-year university. And career/technical students find themselves fully prepared for the professional world.


No. 14 Go the extra mile - Honors ProgramsHonors Programs

Ready to turn it up a notch? Students who graduate from honors programs enjoy improved access to scholarships and university honors programs as well as attractive employment opportunities. The honors programs are open to any scholastically committed student. Programs Include: Distinguished Scholar Awards program, Academic Excellence Week, Academic Honors Ceremony, Beta Kappa Lambda (the Aims chapter of Phi Theta Kappa), Aims English Honors Club and Veterans National Honor Society - SALUTE.


No. 15 Variety is the spice of life - Day / Evening / OnlineDay+Evening+Online Classes

Can’t quit your day job? It’s a challenge to juggle school with the rest of your life, so we offer classes at times that make it convenient for you. For a list of current classes, visit


No. 16 Not just a number - Small class sizesSmall Class Sizes

Want to ease your way into higher ed? Aims offers class sizes that are much smaller than you’d find at a typical university. This means a less intimidating environment and more one-to-one time with your instructors. Don’t forget to create a study group with your fellow classmates!


No. 17 Best in Show - FacultyFaculty

Want to run with the “big dogs?” Our faculty are some of the best around, with real-world experience and true passion for the subjects they teach. Do they want you to succeed? You bet they do. Find out more about them by visiting the academic areas of study web page at, clicking on the area that interests you, and selecting the faculty link to the right.


No. 18 Uncommonly Good - Learning commonsLearning Commons

Need resources or just a good book? Discover the Learning Commons. Here you can get tutoring assistance or use a computer, or check out library books, laptops, or Nooks. Your options are endless.


No. 19 Ace it - AssessmentAssessment

Ready to show us what you know? Assessment is where you can take the Accuplacer, take a proctored exam, or take a test for class. Don’t be nervous. And don’t forget your photo ID! Visit


No. 20 Welcome to the Club - Club / Activities / ConnectionsClubs+Activities+Connections

Time to relax? Student Leadership and Development is the hub for student activities across all of our campuses. Meet new friends, make memories, and have fun at events. For more information, visit


No. 21 Double Time - Concurrent EnrollmentConcurrent Enrollment

Want to go to college for free? Get a jump start on college before you finish high school. Learn more about concurrent enrollment options


No. 22 Know the Ropes - Career and technicalCareer and Technical

Prepared for the real world? Whether you’re switching careers or just entering the workforce, Aims offers real-world training through Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. CTE advisory boards ensure that we’re teaching the skills you need for success.


No. 23 Wise beyond your years - General EducationGeneral Education

Rather keep your money in your wallet? At Aims, you’ll receive a top-notch education at a great price. Many of our students choose to take their general education classes here and then transfer to a four-year college or university. Why pay more for freshman English than you have to?


No. 24 Fly the coop - TransferabilityTransferability

Worried your Aims classes won’t transfer? Any class designated as “guaranteed transfer” will transfer to any four-year public higher ed school in Colorado. Visit


No. 25 In good hands - TechnologyTechnology

Ready to dive in? We know the world changes quickly. That’s why we work hard to keep up with the latest in technology. Interact with Sim Man in our health program, host your own radio show live from campus in our communication media program, or work with the latest Snap-On tools.


No. 26 Ball's in Your Court - It's all right hereNew Physical Education and Recreation Center

Our state-of-the-art Physical Education and Recreation Center houses the gymnasium, Indoor Cycling Studio, lounge, racquetball courts, Strength Center, Cross Training Studio, Cardio Theatre, Mind and Body Studio, elevated track, and more.


No. 27 Icing on the cake - paid parkingPaid Parking

Think it can’t get any better? Just like your gym pass, your student fees cover parking, too. Once you’ve registered for classes, get your parking permit, come to campus, find a spot, get to class. The early bird gets the worm!


No. 28 Whole nine yards - ComopletionCompletion

Got the end in mind? Aims is here to support you at every step of the way. We want you to have an amazing experience here with the ultimate goal of seeing you graduate.