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CDL Funding Options

As Aims CDL Training is non-credit, it does not qualify for traditional FAFSA financial aid, however here are some other options:

Current Funding Options for Aims CDL Tuition

  1. Self-Funding (Cash, Check, Credit card, Family loan)
  2. Third-Party Funding such as - Employment Services of Weld County – See attached flyer. JBS Better Futures, BOCES/SWAP (Board Of Cooperative Educational Services), CDLE (Colorado Department of Labor and Employment), DVR (Department of Vocational Rehabilitation), DOC (Department Of Corrections), and others.
  3. Business Partners (Pre-pay or Reimburse over time) - Norfolk Iron & Metal, JBS Carriers, Pepsico, Burnco, Wells Cement, and many others.
  4. Other options may be available based on availability.