Admissions & Records


Student may be eligible to receive a grade of “Incomplete” if they have, for good reason, been delayed in completing the required course work but has satisfactorily completed at least 75 percent of the course. Students may then be permitted extra time to satisfactorily complete the course.

Students who believe they are eligible for an Incomplete may make arrangements with their instructors, who will define the timeframe and requirements for completing the course. The requirements and deadline will be recorded on an “Incomplete Contract" form, which is signed by both the instructor and the student. The student should keep a copy of the form before it is submitted to Records.

The maximum time frame for completing the course is at the instructor’s discretion but may be no more than one semester. When the student has completed the coursework, the instructor will submit a grade change to Records. If the student has had extenuating circumstances, the instructor may choose to extend the time limit for an additional academic term. If the student has not satisfactorily completed the coursework after one year from the end of the original term of the course, the student will automatically receive the final grade of “F.”

During the semester a student is completing the “Incomplete”, the student does not re-enroll in the class. The student will not be considered to be currently enrolled on the basis of the “Incomplete” grade from a previous term. Additionally, students may not withdraw from a course in which an “Incomplete’ has been assigned.