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Advancing Students for a Stronger Tomorrow (ASSET)

Colorado Senate Bill 13-033 (ASSET) was signed into law on April 29, 2013 by Governor John Hickenlooper and was effective the 2013 summer semester. This bill allows U.S. citizens, permanent resident aliens and students without lawful immigration status to qualify for in-state tuition rates if they meet certain conditions.

To qualify for the in-state tuition rate under ASSET, students must meet the following criteria:

Students who graduated from a Colorado high school or completed their GED prior to September 1, 2013 and meet all other eligibility criteria but were not admitted to a college or university within 12 months may still qualify for in-state tuition by providing documentation to Aims proving that the student has been physically present in Colorado for the 18 months prior to enrolling. 

Students must provide the following documentation to the Admissions, Registration, & Records Office if they would like to qualify for in-state tuition using ASSET: