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Admissions & Records

Students Under 23 Years Old

Tuition Classification for students who are under 23 years old is based on their parents’ or legal guardians' domicile in Colorado, unless a student is considered to be an emancipated minor.

Emancipated Minors

You are an emancipated minor if you are younger than 22 years old and if your parents have entirely surrendered the right to your care, custody, and earnings. and if they have made no provision for your support. This means that your parents cannot provide financial support of any nature for any ordinary or necessary expense. Parental support includes, but is not limited to, gifts and loans (including PLUS loans) that you depend on for financial support. Trust funds or other assets established by your parents before the one-year domicile period are regarded as evidence of non-emancipation.

If you are an emancipated minor granted in-state tuition status, you are subject to reclassification as out-of-state if your parents resume support.

Unemancipated Minors

If you are younger than 22 years old and depend on your parents for financial support, you are an unemancipated minor.

As an unemancipated minor, you qualify for in-state tuition if either of your parents, regardless of custody, has been domiciled in Colorado for the one year prior to the first day of class, even if you live in a different state.

Married Students

If you are younger than 23 and married for a minimum of one year, you are emancipated regardless of parental support.

Marriage to a Colorado resident does not qualify you for in-state tuition status. You must establish your own domicile.