Selecting a Degree Program

One of the most important decisions you will make as a new Aims student will be choosing your degree program. Advisors will thoroughly explain each of the degree programs that are offered at Aims, and will help you choose the best program to meet your goals.

Aims offers three main programs:

  1. Associate of Arts or Associate of Science (AA or AS) Associate of Arts or Associate of Science (AA or AS): these degrees are primarily for students who intend to transfer to a 4-year school.

    If you intend to transfer to a 4-year school, advisors will need to work with you to customize your degree to fit your future major. Without customizing your degree in this way, you will likely need to take additional classes at your transfer institution. If your program allows for electives, please be aware only certain classes are approved degree electives.

    Although the AA and AS degrees are suitable for nearly all majors, there are unique situations in which it may be to your advantage to only take one or two semesters of classes before transferring. Your advisor will help you determine the most appropriate transfer plan.
  2. Associate of Applied Science (AAS): these degrees are primarily designed for students looking to gain knowledge and enhance their skills for immediate employment after graduation.

    Although most programs and classes are not transferable, certain AAS transfer options are available for students. 
  3. Certificate: these programs are intended for students looking to enhance specific skills for employment. Please click on the link for more information and a complete list of certificate programs.

Can’t decide? Our career counselors can help! Please visit Career Services.

To make an appointment with an advisor to discuss your degree program, please contact us.