Tuition Appeal Guidelines

Tuition Appeals are for students who are requesting a refund of their tuition charges due to extenuating circumstances that occurred during the semester. No grades recorded on the student’s transcripts will be affected by this process. Posted grades will remain on the student’s academic record.

Before you file an appeal, please consider

If your circumstance is due to an issue with an instructor, curriculum or course instruction methods, please visit with the instructor, Department Chair or the appropriate Academic Dean before attempting this process. If a student has filed a prior appeal, it may be taken into consideration.

Reasons For Which Appeals Are Considered

The deadline for submitting a Tuition Appeal is 1 year from the last day of the term for which you are appealing. Tuition appeal submitted for semesters older than one year of age will be denied.
You must officially withdraw from course(s) prior to submission of your Tuition Appeal. The following are examples of circumstances for which an appeal may be considered:

Examples of circumstances for which a tuition refund appeal may be denied

Please follow the steps below for submitting a Tuition Appeals:

  1. Review Tuition Appeal guidelines.
  2. Print Tuition Appeal form from the Aims website.
  3. Complete Tuition Appeal form and provide related documents:
    • All supporting documentation as required in the Tuition Appeals guidelines.
    • A written statement from the student explaining the circumstances and reason for the appeal.
  4. Submit the completed Tuition Appeal form and supporting documentation to the Cashiers office located on any campus. Appeals can be submitted by mail, in person, email to or by fax (970) 506-6952. All incomplete appeals may be denied.
    • Please be sure to make a copy of all forms and documents for your records before submitting all paperwork to the Cashier's office.

What to Expect