Tuition Appeals

The Tuition Appeals Committee will consider requests for adjustment to tuition and fee charges when a student can document extenuating circumstances. Examples of circumstances:

Please note: If your circumstance is due to an issue with an instructor, curriculum or course instruction methods, please visit with the instructor, Department Chair or the appropriate Academic Dean before attempting this process.

Tuition Appeals submitted for semesters older than one year of age will be denied.

Students should be aware that if a Tuition Appeal is submitted and they are a Financial Aid recipient, their Financial Aid may be impacted and they may potentially owe Aims Community College money.

Appeal forms and guidelines can be obtained by contacting any Cashiers Office or by using the link below. Be sure to review the guidelines before completing the appeal process.


Please follow the below steps for filing a Tuition Appeal:

Student needs to withdraw from the course(s) before appeals will be considered. Tuition Appeals are for tuition charges adjustment only.