MyPaymentPlan: Completing the Agreement

When you enroll with MyPaymentPlan, be sure to have the following information:

  1. Your student ID. This will be the Student ID number assigned by Aims Community College at the time of registration. The Student ID# begins with an A, then eight digits.
  2. Student MyAims login credentials.
  3. Financial account information 

To log into MyPaymentPlan please use the following steps:
If you are the student:

Follow the directions on the page to enroll in a payment plan. If there is not an option to sign up for the payment plan, please contact the Greeley Cashier office at (970) 339-6349 or by email:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a parent or other party who wishes to sign up for the payment plan on behalf of a student, you will need to contact the student and follow the process above in order to complete the payment plan or ask the student to grant you guest portal access.