MyPaymentPlan: How to Enroll

Enrolling online is simple, secure and easy. The payment plan can accommodate down payments and monthly payments. Once you are in MyPaymentPlan portal, refer to the menu bar at the top for additional answers to questions you may have.

Use the Next button to move through the steps, making sure you read all the information provided. Before you click the Authorize button, please carefully read through the Final Review and the Terms and Conditions, and place a checkmark in the Accept Terms and Conditions box. An immediate email will be sent (if an email address was provided for the person responsible for payment) confirming enrollment through MyPaymentPlan.

If you are the student:

  1. Go to to login myAims.
  2. Enter your student assigned user name followed by your password.

    • If you don't remember your username/password, click on the username/password link found in the bottom of the login box.
    • Contact our helpdesk at (970) 339-6380 or by email at for any further login assistance.
  3. Click the login button.
  4. Click on the My Financials tab.
  5. Click on the Sign up/Manage your payment 2017 plan link.
  6. Follow prompts and links to create and log into payment plan system 
  7. This will take you to the enrollment process.
  8. If you need assistance with the MyPaymentPlan application process, please feel free to call our office or Nelnet directly.  Chat with a live customer service representative with Nelnet. 

Follow the directions on the page to enroll in the payment plan, if there is not an option to sign up for the payment plan, please contact the Greeley Cashier office at (970) 339-6349.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a parent or other party who wishes to sign up for the payment plan on behalf of a student's account, you will need to contact the student and follow the process above in order to complete the payment plan.