MyPaymentPlan: Overview

Aims allows you easy payment plans to pay for your college tuition expenses. MyPaymentPlan allows you to budget for your tuition. It is not a loan program, no interest or finance charges are assessed and no credit check is taken.

The only cost to budget monthly payments with MyPaymentPlan is a $25 per semester enrollment fee (nonrefundable). Once you complete the online agreement, the enrollment fee is deducted immediately. You do not need to sign up for MyPaymentPlan if at least ONE of the following conditions is in place by the payment deadlines:

(If the above does not cover your tuition and fees entirely, the remaining balance is due by the final payment deadline for the semester to avoid holds and additional fees).

Please note:

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR MyPaymentPlan: If you make any changes to your student tuition account (ie: add/drop courses, make payment directly to the college, financial aid applies, etc.) within five business days of the next payment to be drafted by Nelnet, that payment WILL NOT be affected and will draft the payment per the schedule. Aims updates the paymentplan system every 24-48 hours. The responsible party will need to be prepared to make that payment per the scheduled date if account changes are made or posted within five business days of the scheduled payment draft.