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Tuition and Fees

Planning to pay for college can be overwhelming. The information on this page will help you estimate how much it will cost to attend Aims.

Tuition Calculators

Basic Tuition & Fee Calculator Net Price Calculator

*Net Price Calculator includes estimate of financial aid

Here’s how to calculate the estimated cost of your tuition and fees: 

  1. Find your tuition rate in table below
  2. Add $7.00 to Step #1 
  3. Multiply result of Step #2 by number of credits for the course(es)
  4. Add $25 Administrative Fee (one time fee per semester)
  5. Add any lab and/or course fees (fees found in online class schedule)

Current Tuition Rates*

      Tuition Rate (does not include fees)
  In-District In-State WUE Out-of-State
Regular Rates $67.36 $105.73 $158.60 $425.25
Low Differential -
Includes the following programs:
Fire Science, Communications Media, and Automotive
$118.45 $206.01 $309.02 $591.15
Medium Differential -
Surgical Technology and Sterile Processing Technology Programs
$123.60 $215.82 $323.73 $620.55
High Differential -
Aviation, Radiologic Tech and Nursing
$128.75 $226.72 $340.08 $651.00

*Tuition/Fee rates shown effective starting Summer 2018

Aviation Flight Fees

Fees - Mandatory

Mandatory per credit hour / course
Fee Amount Unit
Administrative $25.00 Per semester
Lab fees Varies Per course
Online Course fee  $25.00 Per online course
Student $7.00 Per credit hour
Flight fees-Aviation Varies Contact Aviation dept.

Fees - Other

Other Fees
Fee Amount Unit
Transcripts Free Per transcript
Student ID cards $3 - $5 Depends on card type
Diploma Free Per diploma/certificate
Replacement Diploma $10.00 Per diploma/certificate
Parking Free N/A
Parking Violation $15 - $150 Per incident
Check Reissue $10.00 Per check
Returned Check per current rates Per rates by PFC
iPad insurance  $35.00 Per iPad (optional)
iPad repair cost $175.00 Per occurrence/event
iPad replacement cost $450.00 Per iPad 
iPad charging cable $20.00 Per cable
iPad AC adapter $20.00 Per adapter
iPad Survivor case $35.00 Per case


All Fee Definitions

*All tuition and fee charges are subject to change by the Aims Community College District Board of Trustees as circumstances may require, without notice.
*In-District refers to the Aims Community College Tax District 
*In-District classification for tuition purposes is for students who have been Colorado residents for a minimum of one year (according to tuition classification law) and who live in the Aims tax district. The Aims tax district is most of Weld County, excluding the Mead, Dacono, Erie, Frederick and Firestone area.