Tuition/Fee Estimation Calculator

If younger than age 23, you will need to answer the following questions according to your parent's information. If 23 or older, answer questions based on your information.

Have you lived in Colorado at least 12 continuous months prior to the first day of class you intend to enroll?
Have you filed / or do you intend to file a Colorado Income tax return for the previous year?
Is your vehicle registered in Colorado?
I do not own a vehicle
Do you hold a Colorado driver's license or Colorado ID?
Do you own or rent your home in Colorado?
Are you either a US citizen or a permanent resident?
Do you live in one of these cities? If not, select 'None of these':

Number of credits per semester


A full load for one semester is typically 15 credits. This calculator is to be used to calculate only one semester for Standard Tuition and Fees.

Cost of Attendance