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Veteran Benefits

  1. How do I apply for education benefits?
  2. I am enrolled In school. When will I receive my benefits from the Veterans Administration?
  3. How do I verify my enrollment?
  4. If you're receiving Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, you don't need to verify your attendance?.
  5. What causes debts with VA education programs?
  6. What if I receive a failing grade?
  7. How do I set up direct deposit of ny education benefits?
  8. How do I update my address and direct deposit information?
  9. What if I'm called to active duty and have to drop out of school without receiving credit?If I'm Called To Active Duty And Have To Drop Out Of School Without Receiving 
  10. What must I do if I  change my course load or training time?

How Do I Apply For Education Benefits?

This link allows you to fill out an application for education benefits on your computer and submit it electronically. This is the fastest and most secure way to apply for benefits. There is also a link to a downloadable form you may fill out and mail in if you wish. If you are unable to download the form from the Internet you may:

I Am Enrolled In School. When Will I Receive My Benefits From the VA?

Once your school submits your enrollment information, it must be entered into the system by VA. Because VA is generally overwhelmed with enrollments at the start of each semester, it could take up to six weeks to process an enrollment during those times. Your patience is appreciated. We will process all of the enrollments in order by the date received.

If you are receiving benefits under MGIB-AD (Chapter 30) or MGIB-SR (Chapter 1606), you must also verify your enrollment at the end of each month in order to receive payment for that month. Benefits are paid after each month of school is completed. You will generally receive payment within two weeks of verifying your enrollment at the end of the month (or within one week if using direct deposit). If you don't receive payment in this timeframe, please contact VA using the Ask a Question tab, or by calling 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551).

How Do I Verify My Enrollment?

If you're receiving the Active Duty or Reserve GI Bill, REAP, or VRAP use the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) or call our toll free Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone line at 1-877-VA-ECERT (1-877-823-2378) to verify your attendance.

If you're receiving Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits you don't need to verify your attendance?

NOTE: The WAVE and IVR systems don't update account information instantly. Instead, verifications and other submissions are stored and processed manually. Due to system procedures, it may take two to three workdays for the WAVE and telephone systems to reflect updates to your account. If you're receiving DEA benefits and are enrolled in a non-college degree program, you can verify your attendance by calling 1-888-GI BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551), or by sending a statement using the question and answer tab above. If you're receiving DEA benefits and enrolled in a college degree program, you don't need to verify your attendance.

What Causes Debts With VA Education Programs?

If you decrease your training time (i.e. drop classes, leave school, etc.) and we have already processed a payment for tuition and fees, an overpayment will occur. When the School Certifying Official (SCO) notifies us of a change, a debt is created against your account. The school will issue any refunds in accordance with internal policy, which may not fully cover the debt with the VA. If the amount refunded by the school does not satisfy the debt, you are responsible for the remainder.

A decrease in your credit hours could also result in changes to your housing allowance, and books and supplies stipend. If VA has already issued you a payment for the term. a debt will be created on your account.

You are responsible for keeping track of your tuition and fee account balance and payments. Visit your school’s financial office regularly to review your account, ensure the charges are correct and that payments and refunds are processed correctly. Contact your SCO to ensure the certification information it that's sent to us matches your schedule. Please contact the Debt Management Center if you receive a debt notification from the VA. The Debt Management Center is the authoritative source of debt collection information. You can reach the center at (800) 827-0648 or email them at

What If I Receive A Failing Grade?

If you fail a class you receive what is called a "punitive grade" for that class. A punitive grade is a grade that doesn’t count as earned credit, but it is used in determining a student’s progress toward graduation requirements. This means that the grade you receive counts in your overall degree progress, albeit negatively. Because this grade counts toward your graduation progress, you are not required to repay any GI Bill money you received for that class. You may take the class again in an attempt to receive credit toward graduation or raise your grade for it. You may receive GI Bill payment for the retaking of the class.

How Do I Set Up Direct Deposit Of My Education Benefits?

Direct deposit is available for the Post-9/11 GI Bill, MGIB-Active Duty, MGIB-Selected Reserve, REAP, and VRAP benefits. To enroll in direct deposit, please do one of the following:

If you are new to WAVE and your enrollment has not yet been processed, you may not be able to create a WAVE account. You will gain access once your enrollment has been processed.

How Do I Update My Address And Direct Deposit Information?

If you are currently receiving benefits or have received benefits in the last year, the WAVE online system is the simplest way to update your address and direct deposit information. This only applies to Montgomery GI Bill, REAP, or VRAP recipients. For VEAP, and Post-9/11 GI Bill recipients you must contact us via telephone.

To update your Direct Deposit or address online:

    1. Go to the WAVE web site. Click the tab that says Log In Instructions at the top of the page, and follow the instructions to log on to WAVE.
    2. On the main menu page once you have logged in, click the link to the left that says Direct Deposit Enrollment Form or Change of Address, depending on what you need to do. Both procedures can be completed online.
    3. If you don't have access to WAVE, these requests must be submitted via telephone.

To update your Direct Deposit or Address by phone:

      You can contact us by calling 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551).

What If I'm Called To Active Duty And Have To Drop Out Of School Without Receiving Credit?

      If you are called to active duty and must drop out of school without receiving credit:
      • You are entitled to GI Bill benefits through the date you dropped out of school.
      • If you were called up under Title 10 (federal authority), VA will restore the entitlement you were charged for the period that you received benefits. For example, if you were in school one month and had to drop out, you keep the money for that period and VA will add back a month to your entitlement for you to use at a later time.
      • If you were called up under Title 32 (state authority), you don't receive the entitlement restoration benefit.
      • If you have been overpaid education benefits, VA will not pursue collection action while you are deployed to a combat area.

What Must I Do If I Change My Course Load/Training Time?

If you change your course load/training time (for example, go from being a full-time student to a three-quarter time student), you must contact the School Certifying Official at your school or training facility. The official will send documentation to VA to adjust your benefits. To avoid any possible overpayment of benefits, inform VA directly of your course load/training time change. If you’re receiving MGIB-SR, MGIB-AD or REAP, you may use Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE).

Login to WAVE

Recipients of any VA Education benefit can send a message to VA by clicking the Ask a Question tab above or by calling 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) to inform us of a reduction in your course load or training time. NOTE: Changes made through WAVE aren’t automatic. They require a review by a VA claims processor before an adjustment in benefits can be made.