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Financial Aid

Status of My Financial Aid

# 1 - FAFSA Submitted Online by Student

Submit your FAFSA

# 2 - FAFSA Received by Aims

Submit requested information (if any) to the Financial Aid office based on outstanding (unsatisfied) requirements displayed in myAims.

# 3 - Application Under Review

# 4 - Aid Awarded

Your financial aid has been awarded, however, you must accept the Terms and Conditions to receive the award.

To accept the Terms and Conditions:

If borrowing a federal student loan:

# 5 - Aid Disbursed (Paid)

Financial aid is disbursed (paid) to your Aims tuition account and excess funds are made available (refunded) to you within two to seven business days of the date of disbursement. Refunds are not available prior to the start of the semester.

Questions? Contact the Financial Aid office at