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Financial Aid

Veteran Benefits

General Info

Veteran education benefits are administered through the Financial Aid office. The VA Certifying Official is available to serve the needs of veteran students and eligible dependents. VA benefit programs change frequently, so we hope you will seek the advice of our VA Certifying Official when applying for your benefits.

Tuition Classification for Military Members


Aims currently has staff members in the Financial Aid office who are trained as Veterans Affairs School Certifying Officials. They ensure that enrollment and tuition information is reported to the VA for students using veteran benefits to help pay for school.

Note: Students requesting VA education benefits for Aviation Technology certificates, flight training only, should contact the Financial Aid office at (970) 339-6530.


The Aims Community College VA Certifying Official is responsible for letting the VA know if a student is registered for classes and will closely monitor each veteran student’s academic program and enrollment status.  Each semester the VA Certifying Official will certify your enrollment to VA. Your monthly payment rate is based upon course beginning and ending dates and number of credit hours for which you are certified. In general, to have your enrollment certified to VA, you must:

  1. Apply for admissions to the college: Apply Now!
  2. Be seeking a degree or certificate program approved for VA education benefits;
  3. Register only for courses which are required for completion of your degree or certificate program (remedial and some pre-requisite courses are also eligible for benefits);
  4. Complete and submit a VA Benefit Enrollment Certification Request form including a copy of your Degree Works audit report each semester to the Aims Community College Financial Aid office;
  5. Notify the VA Certifying Official of any changes in your enrollment, program of study, address, etc.;
  6. Submit academic transcripts from all previous education or training to the Aims Community College Admissions and Records office for credit evaluation;
  7. Maintain satisfactory academic progress. This means you are expected to complete all your coursework with a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Failure to meet this requirement may cancel your VA education benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Veterans Benefits