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HHP 161 Meditation for Health - 1 Credit
Incorporates the practice of fundamental techniques for training your mind to be quiet and peaceful; to focus your thoughts on what you choose; to stimulate the Mind-Body conversation to enhance your health. 

HWE 109 Weight Management & Exercise - 2 Credits

Offers guided instruction in weight management and exercise to students interested in learning more about weight control. Emphasis is place on the development of weight management programs, review of current trends and diets, essential nutrients, eating disorders, special populations, and the role of exercise in weight management.

HWE 110 Fitness Conditioning & Wellness - 2 Credits

Provides the proper techniques and guidelines for a student to develop a personal lifetime program that improves fitness and promotes preventive care and personal wellness. In addition, this course offers instruction in cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance training, flexibility training, and body composition management to meet individual needs.

HWE 124 Fitness & Wellness - 2 Credits
Provides information on fitness and wellness and to serve as a guide to design, implement, and evaluate a complete personal fitness and wellness program. The course integrates the basic components of fitness and wellness in understanding human health in order to achieve well-being. This course offers current information in the health field and provides self-assessments for health risk and wellness behaviors. This includes lifestyle modification, nutrition, weight management, stress management, cardiovascular and cancer risk reduction, exercise and aging, exercise related injury, exercise and the environment, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse (including tobacco, alcohol and other psychoactive drugs), and analysis and interpretation of research publications and web sites in health and wellness.

PED 100 Fitness Concepts - 1 Credit
Focuses on providing information and guidelines for moving toward a more healthy lifestyle. Includes classroom instruction, an individual fitness evaluation, computerized analysis of results, and a prescribed exercise program utilizing the equipment and exercise options available in the Fitness Center.

PED 101 Conditioning Lab - 1 Credit
Offers an independent self-paced format of conditioning exercises to meet individual needs. Emphasizes the value of lifetime fitness and its contribution to achieving personal health and wellness. Students utilize cardiorespiratory, muscular strength and endurance exercises to promote positive changes in health-related fitness components.

PED 105 Fitness Circuit Training - 1 Credit
Examines a number of different circuit training programs. Emphasizes the development of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and a healthy body composition to meet individual needs.

PED 110/111/112/113 Fitness Center Activity I / II/ III/ IV - 1 Credit Each
Focuses on improving total fitness via an aerobic circuit training program. Includes an individual fitness evaluation, computerized analysis of results, and a prescribed exercise program. Covers the basic components of fitness including flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and body composition.

PED 123 Water Aerobics - 1 Credit
Offers water exercise to develop physical fitness. Includes instruction in a variety of water exercises and vigorous activities to develop cardiovascular and muscular endurance, flxibility and the promotion of body composition management.

PED 124 Swim Fitness - 1 Credit
Enables the student to perfect stroke mechanics to swim with more ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances. This course may utilize the competitive strokes, starts, and turns, and provide the `whys` as well as the `hows` of swim fitness so students can plan training programs to meet their changing needs.

PED 151 Walking & Jogging - 1 Credit
Enables the student to understand the values in walking and jogging. Safety precautions and emphasis on personal programs are emphasized.