Welcome to Impact programs at Aims Community College!

Impact Programs Location and Contact Information:

Greeley Campus, Aims Community College

Phone: (970) 339-6372

TRiO Student Support Services Program Office
College Center, Room 220

Emerging Scholars and CORE Program Office
College Center, Room 226

The Impact Programs include four separate student-centered programs. Each program supports and celebrates the academic success and personal enrichment of student participants. Our participants are either first generation, low income, or have a documented disability, and encompass diverse, underrepresented student populations. 

Impact Programs services include intensive academic advising, tutoring, financial wellness education, and career and transfer planning that are equally provided to all participants. Each program is individually designed to meet the needs of specific student populations throughout their academic journey.

Emerging Scholars actively supports the holistic development of first-year student success while fostering an environment that promotes validation, a growth mindset, and supports students as they adjust to the college culture.

TRIO Student Support Services-Classic (TRIO SSS-Classic) supports and encourages students who identify as first-generation college students*, have low-income, or who have a documented disability. All degrees and certificates are supported.

TRIO Student Support Services-Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (TRIO SSS-STEM) supports and encourages students who identify as first-generation college students*, have low-income, or who have a documented disability. Students who are looking to pursue an academic and a career path with an emphasis in science, technology, engineering and math are encouraged to apply.

Center of Opportunity and Resilience in Education (CORE) promotes an inclusive and intercultural learning environment that welcomes students from diverse backgrounds by providing services and resources designed to enhance their holistic development.

The Impact Programs are here to help you discover all of the opportunities and resources available at Aims and beyond. We will provide an all-inclusive atmosphere and environment where students are respected and valued for their own unique talents and strengths. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your academic goals!

*First-generation college students: neither parent has earned a bachelor's degree by the time the student turned 18 years of age.

Quotes from Students

“I honestly feel better about my choice of college, and the fit, and that I made the right decision.”
-Impact Programs participant

“Better prepared to transfer to a four-year college!"
-Impact Programs participant

“There are those of us out here that need this support to continue in our educational pursuits. School is not easy, especially for those students who have never been encouraged to go to college, those who are struggling to have a place to live, and those who want to make a better life for themselves but are riddled with self-doubt. Student Support Services is essential in keeping us in college. Because with even the smallest of encouragement, we can go on to achieve our greatest dreams.”
-Former Impact Programs participant