Emerging Scholars

Impact Programs Location and Contact Information:

Greeley Campus, Aims Community College

Phone: (970) 339-6372

Emerging Scholars Program Office
College Center, Room 226

The Emerging Scholars Program actively supports the holistic development of first year student success while also fostering an environment which promotes validation and a growth mindset. Students are admitted into Emerging Scholars during summer and fall enrollment and considered active after their first appointment with an Emerging Scholars advisor. 


  • *First time, degree seeking student enrolled at Aims
  • Agree to actively participate in Emerging Scholars through Spring or Summer 2017
  • Test into one of the following CCR courses: 092, 093, or 094, and
  • Test into one of the following MAT courses: 050 or 055

*Including students who complete a fresh-start petition or students who were concurrently enrolled.

Participation Requirements:

  • Completion of AAA 090 and below-100 courses by Summer 2017, grade ā€œCā€ or better
  • Meet with their Emerging Scholars academic advisor a minimum of two times per semester (eligible students are REQUIRED to attend their first scheduled ES appointment before the start of the fourth week of the first term enrolled in order to participate in the benefits of the ES program)
  • Complete a minimum of one hour of financial wellness education
  • Participation in a minimum of one activity per semester (i.e. Impact Program Tutoring, Student Lingo, iFocus, Human 2 Human series, etc.)

Scholarship Requirements

Emerging Scholars participants are eligible for a $1500 scholarship after the completion of Emerging Scholars and continued enrollment one year after entering the Emerging Scholars Program. Regretfully we are unable to provide scholarships for students who fall under the categories of DACA, Asset, Undocumented or Student Visa at this time. Students who successfully complete the following are eligible for the Emerging Scholars Scholarship:

  • Completion Emerging Scholars program requirements
  • Have a combined undergraduate and below-100 cumulative and term grade point average of 2.5 or higher while a participant in the Emerging Scholars Program; and,
  • Must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits at Aims one year after entering the Emerging Scholars program.
  • Must demonstrate financial need, determined by financial need
  • Good academic and financial aid standing at the time of the award