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Essays for College Applications and Scholarships

In addition to writing academic papers for any number of college courses, students may encounter other situations which require effective writing skills. The most common of these are composing a college application and/or a scholarship essay.

Both essays are structured in ways similar to the more academic writing of MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. Likewise, it is important to approach both types of essays with a similar awareness of organization, proper grammar/punctuation, sentence fluency, and reliable evidence. Although the integration of research from reliable sources is not typically required, it is still crucial to write in an academic way, applying the fundamental principles of the writing process to these more subjective essays.

Without the reliance upon outside sources, the expert witness for both the scholarship and college application essay is the writer; it is he/she only who is able to provide detailed evidence to support the claims. This process will look different for each essay as the specific questions posed may differ.

Despite the variance, both essays have the goal of revealing the true character, values, ethics, and accomplishments of the writer. Through these essays, the writer establishes credibility as a potential college student or recipient of a designated scholarship. Through personal stories, analytic thinking, introspection, and writing voice, these unique essays have the power to capture the writer in multiple facets.