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Using Email to Communicate with Professors

Being able to communicate effectively is a vital skill for both academic and professional success. The opportunity to demonstrate effective communication exists daily - from interactions with peers to interactions with professors and supervisors. In composition courses, students learn that the art of writing is simply one venue of communication. Thus, mastering the fundamental writing skills is a necessary pre-requisite for effective communication in a variety of academic and professional environments. Although you will likely face any number of situations which require honest, grammatically correct and effective communication, emailing professional academic professors/instructors is the most prominent.

Tips for Writing an Email in an Academic Setting


Sample Academic Email

Dear Professor Smith,

            I am a student in your English 122 class, at 9:00 on the Greeley campus. I wanted to let you know that, due to a family illness, I will not be attending class on Thursday, July 25th. While I accept responsibility for the missed participation points, I am wondering if there is any work I can do in preparation so that my absence does not impact my grade. Thanks so much for your time.