Student Leadership &Development

Associated Students of Aims Community College

Who are the Associated Students?

The Associated Students of Aims Community College (ASACC) includes all fee-paying students at Aims Community College and is represented by the Student Government Association (SGA). The purpose of this representative board is to promote cooperation between the Board of Trustees, administration, staff, faculty and the student body by enabling and encouraging members of the student body to express opinions relating to college policies and procedures, and presenting students' opinions to various entities of the college.

The representative board also actively promotes retention efforts through educational, social, recreational and awareness opportunities to encourage lifelong learning and involvement with the college experience. 

The Student Government Association consists of ten members, representing the students at Aims.

Student representation on various community, college and student boards/committees are fundamental responsibilities of this board. Affording students a platform on which to express opinions, concerns and institute non-academic grievance procedures are primary responsibilities of this board.


Through teamwork, leadership, communication, unity, participation in community and campus issues, let us, the Associated Students, be prepared and successful in meeting the needs of the students of Aims.

The Associated Students of Aims Community College is an organization dedicated to improving the way of life for all students. SGA members are assisted in their mission through leadership development training and programs. They are dedicated, directed and motivated students, who seek others like themselves to carry on the traditions and mission of this organization. If you have questions, please call (970) 339-6450, and the staff in the Student Leadership and Development Office will assist you.