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Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Committee is to plan and implement Holocaust commemoration centered in Greeley and Northern Colorado, to inform and educate about the perils of prejudice, racism , hatred, and bigotry from the perspective of the European Holocaust, so that persons, groups, or governments never again inflict such atrocities.



Holocaust Memorial Observances
April 23 - 30, 2020

Join us for this year's program line-up featuring Holocaust Survivor Fred Heyman and former director of the Holocaust Council of United Jewish Communities of Greater Metro West of New Jersey, Barbara Wind.

About Fred Heyman

Born in Berlin, Germany, Fred witnessed the rise and fall of Nazism with his earliest memory beginning in 1933 when Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor, up to the end when on April 30, 1945, when Hitler committed suicide in the underground bunker. His family survived the Nazi regime, Gestapo interrogation and heavy Allied bombings of the city. At one point, he found himself buried under rubble after an air raid. In 1943, he and his mother participated in the “Rosenstrasse Women’s Protest”. During that time the Gestapo came to arrest Fred for transport to Auschwitz. Fortunately, his arrest was averted.

Heyman and his family were in hiding for the last years of the war, helped by righteous Christians, until they were liberated by Soviet armed forces.

In 2004, Fred started to serve as a volunteer for the Holocaust Council of Greater Metro West in New Jersey. He is also is a member of its Executive Committee and serves on Holocaust Advisory Committee of the Jewish Family Service. Fred has delivered 482 speeches about the Holocaust and his personal experiences to more than 54,000 listeners.

As a survivor he is engaged in a “Twin with a Survivor Mitzvah Program” and has 61 twins. He and they became certified “twinners” after they shared their bar/bat mitzvahs with the Holocaust survivor. He is also the subject of a documentary film, Be An Upstander - Not a Bystander, produced by Howard Goldberg, about which he will speak in his Greeley presentations.


About Barbara Wind

Until December, 2018, she was the director of the Holocaust Council of United Jewish Communities of Greater Metro West of New Jersey. She earned a Master’s degree in Jewish Chirstian Studies and the Holocaust and presents on several topics throughout the world. She published Jacob’s Angels, a chapbook of Holocaust poems, Auf Asche Gehen, (Walking on Ash), EOS Verlag, 2005, and other poems in magazines and literary journals and anthologies. Also a freelance journalist, her articles are published in magazines as well as The New York Times, the New Jersey Jewish News, and The Jewish Link newspapers of New Jersey, the Bronx, Wetschester and Connecticut.

A number of Wind’s Holocaust-based poems are included in the revised curriculum of the NewJersey Commission on Holocaust Education. Several of these have been published on the Internet and have been used in conjunction with Holocaust commemorative services throughout the United States.

She also conducts in-service workshops for teaching the Holocaust and Genocide and has been lauded for her moving presentations on Antisemitism. She is curretl completing sevral books, including a biography of her mentor and “other mother” Sister Doctor Rose Thering, O.P. E., Ph.D.

Her talks in Greeley will include talks at UNC and area high schools on her poetry and “Teaching the Holocaust Through the Arts.”















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