Academic Testing: Proctored Class & Make-up Exams for Instructors

The Greeley Campus Testing Center administers exams for online and hybrid courses, as well as make-up exams for the classroom.  Students are logged through AccuTrack and monitored with audio and visual surveillance equipment. 

For academic testing on other campuses, please contact them or view their website for more information. 


Instructor Responsibilities:

  1. Complete the appropriate Testing Checklist (see below).
  2. Please indicate any documented testing accommodations on the Testing Checklist.  Make sure to specify if accommodated time has/has not been calculated.
  3. Provide exam and checklist to the Testing Center.  Group Testing Checklists should be accompanied by a current class roster.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Must obtain instructor approval to take a test in the Testing Center.
  2. Provide a photo ID
  3. For documented testing accommodations, please schedule an appointment
  4. Arrive with enough time to complete the exam within limits provided by instructor, or sign a waiver acknowledging understanding of less time.  
  5. Use lockers to secure electronics and personal items. CELL PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF AND PLACED IN THE LOCKER.
  6. Drinks are allowed; food is not.
  7. Be aware that once an exam is started, only emergency breaks are allowed and monitored by staff. Your exam may be considered complete if you leave the Testing Center without turning it in. 

Testing Center Responsibilities:

  1. Verify tester identity.
  2. Prevent academic dishonesty.
  3. Provide quiet, secure, confidential environment for testers and ensure exam integrity. 
  4. Assist as reader/scribe.

Academic Testing Checklists

Exams may be delivered to the Testing Center by hand, by email, or after hours drop box (located next door to the Testing Center).

Printable Forms:

Group Testing Checklist

Single Student Checklists

Full page

Half page

E-forms:   Click VIEW tab, Edit Document, then Save to add info.  Attach to email.

Group Testing Checklist

Single Student Checklist