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Automotive Service Technology

The world of wheels is changing daily. Look under the hood of today’s cars and you will find direct fuel injection, turbochargers, and variable valve timing systems. Transmissions are gaining more gears. Computers are managing air conditioning, braking, and even suspension systems. The latest advances in automotive technology are creating demand for mechanics that are equally up to date in their training.

At Aims Community College you will learn to develop your diagnostic skills using a variety of new vehicles and advanced shop equipment. More importantly, you will be learning from instructors that have real world experience. Our certificate and degree programs prepare students for promising employment opportunities in the automotive repair and service field. The automotive program can also provide quality training for those of you interested in other related vocations within the automotive industry.

People with this training are hired as drivability experts and general line technicians by repair facilities and automotive manufacturers. Here is a list of what we have to offer.

Degrees & Certificates

  • General Automotive Technician
    • Associate of Applied Science Degree
    • Certificate Program
  • AYES (Certificate)
  • Brakes (Certificate)
  • Steering and Suspension (Certificate)
  • Engine Performance (Certificate)
  • Manual Trans & Drive Trains (Certificate)
  • Engine Mechanical (Certificate)
  • Electrical (Certificate)
  • Automotive Transmissions (Certificate)
  • Heating & Air Conditioning (Certificate)

Employers want people who know how to determine what needs to be repaired and to make sure the job is done right the first time. If being able to do this is your dream, we can help you make it happen.

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