Life Sciences Program Chair: 
Lynne Fox-Parrish

Physical Sciences Program Chair:
David Olson

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Astronomy is the study of the universe and the objects and phenomena within the universe. Astronomers study a variety of topics, including planets, moons, galaxies, black holes, supernovae, astro-biology, and the origin and evolution of the universe. Aims offers Astronomy 101 and in this class you can expect to learn about telescopes, space exploration, planets, moons, extrasolar planets, asteroids, meteoroids, comets, and the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. If you want an informed perspective when looking at the night sky, astronomy may be for you!

Students who decide to continue studying astronomy after graduating from Aims can choose from a variety of careers, including:

  • Observational Astronomy
  • Theoretical Astronomy
  • Planetary Astronomy
  • Cosmology
  • Research
  • Education
  • Science Writing
  • And more