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Tuition Appeal Guidelines

Tuition Appeal are for students who are requesting a refund of their tuition charges due to extenuating circumstances that occurred during the semester. All grades received and recorded on the students transcripts will not be affected by this process and will remain as part of the student’s academic record.

Reasons For Which Appeals Are Considered

The deadline for submitting a Tuition Appeal is 1 year from the last day of the term for which you are appealing.

You must officially withdrawl from course(s) prior to submission of the Tuition Appeal. The following are examples of circumstances for which an appeal will be considered (which have occurred after the drop deadline and before the withdrawal deadline (marking 75% of the course/term):

  1. Medical Reasons: Written documentation from treating physician/hospital must accompany the appeal and must provide:
    • Details regarding the nature and extent of the condition.
    • Date the medical problem was first diagnosed.
    • Date(s) of treatment, and
    • Date(s) of hospitalization or other confinement, date of release, and date that recuperation period ended.
  2. Death in the immediate family: Documentation of the death must accompany the appeal as well as a personal statement that explains how the death affected student’s ability to complete the school term.

  3. Change in hours or location of employment that is beyond the student’s control and prevents the student from attending the classes for which he/she is registered. A signed letter from the student’s employer written on company letterhead must accompany the petition. The letter must include the following:
    • Reason for and date of the change in work schedule.
    • The student’s work hours prior to the change and the work hours resulting in the change.
    • Reasons for the change in the student’s work situation/location. New work location and date of change in work location.
    • Was student made aware of expected change in work hours prior to formal implementation? If yes, when?

Please note: If your circumstance is due to an issue with the instructor, curriculum, class instruction methods or not listed in our Tuition appeals guidelines, please visit with your instructor, Department Chair or the appropriate Academic Dean over your circumstance before attempting this process.

Tuition Appeals submitted for semesters older than one year of age will be denied.

Examples of circumstances for which a tuition refund appeal Are Not Considered

  • Student has not withdrawn from the course(s)

  • Failure to comply with drop, withdrawal, and registration cancellation policies and deadlines as published in the Schedule of Classes even if the student has not attended classes (except for reasons stated in section above).

  • Obtaining new employment; changes in hours/location of employment that IS IN the student’s control
    • Example:  Taking a new position that may or may not result in change of work location/hours that is based on opportunity to earn more…etc.

  • Loss of employment that was in the student’s control.

  • Failure to submit tuition classification information prior to the beginning of the term.

  • Failure to submit appeal documentation within 30 days after receiving notification from the appeals committee that additional documentation is being requested.

  • Student received financial aid for term; appeal would change enrollment status.  Full balance of any difference in financial aid eligibility must be repaid prior to consideration of appeal.

  • Tuition appeal is for a term that is over one year of age.

Please follow the below steps for filing a Tuition Appeals:

  • Review Tuition Appeal guidelines.

    Please note: If your tuition appeal is due to an issue with the instructor, curriculum, class instruction methods or not listed in our Tuition appeals guidelines, please visit with your instructor, Department Chair or the appropriate Academic Dean over your circumstance before attempting this process.

  • Print Tuition Appeal form from the Aims website.

  • Complete Tuition Appeal form with the following documents:
    • Obtain all supporting documentation as set forth in the Tuition Appeals guidelines.
    • A written statement from the student is required explaining the circumstances and reason for the appeal.
  • If grant, scholarship and/or loan funds were paid on your behalf for the semester in which you are appealing, see the Financial Aid Office to go over the impact an approved appeal will have on your financial aid eligibility.

  • Submit the completed Tuition Appeal form and supporting documentation to any Aims Community College Cashiers office. Appeals can be submitted by mail, in person, or by fax 506-6952. Appeals will only be accepted by email if all forms and documents are scanned(imaged) and attached to the email.
    • Please be sure to make a copy of all forms and documents for your records before submitting all paperwork to the Cashier's office.

  • Once the Tuition Appeal committee has reached a decision, the student will be sent a letter stating the decision and action to be taken next by the college or the student.

  • If Tuition Appeal is "Approved", the student's tuition account will be adjusted accordingly.