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Tuition and Fee Payment Policy and Procedures

  1. When registering on campus, a copy of the student’s schedule/bill prints out at the Admissions and Records Office or the student can log into MyAims to view/print their bill. This is considered the first billing.

    When registering off campus/online, it is the student’s responsibility to view/print the schedule/bill via MyAims. The college participates in e-billing, paper bills are only mailed at the end of the semester if a balance is owed.

    Full payment or signing up for an MyPaymentPlan is due by the payment deadlines. Financial Aid awards and third party authorizations will be considered as payments for those who qualify.
    Direct payments (non MyPaymentPlan) should be mailed to the address below in time to be received in the Cashier’s office by the posted payment deadlines.

    Aims Community College
    Attn: Cashier office
    P.O. Box 69
    Greeley, CO 80632

    The student is responsible for timely drop (refund) or withdrawal (no refund) from a class. All course drop and withdrawal deadlines are listed on your bill online. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of deadline dates, accumulated charges and to pay tuition and fees incurred by specified dates.

    Students are required to have all outstanding tuition and fees paid by the Final Payment Deadline. If not paid by the Final Payment Deadline, any registrations for future semesters may be in jeopardy of being cancelled due to non-payment even if student has completed one of the payment options for that future semester.
  1. Students sponsored by a third-party agency: Please note: Students will receive monthly e-bills until the 3rd party authorization is processed and credited to the student account.
    1. Students' accounts will NOT be credited with 3rd party payments until after the Full Term course Drop Deadline for the semester. Students can expect to see the 3rd party payments posted to their accounts within 30-45 days after the Full Term course Drop Deadline. (Basically all 3rd party should be posted by midterms) Then, refunds will be processed according to all refunding policies, procedures and timeframes.
    2. Aims Community College needs to have a valid original letter of sponsorship from your sponsor on file in Cashier's Office before you will be considered for agency billing purposes. The letter of sponsorship must show exactly what the sponsor will cover either which classes or a maximum amount. Students who have not paid their tuition and fee charges by the Final Payment Deadline will not be allowed to register for the upcoming semester and/or all future registrations will be canceled. Authorizations CANNOT be accepted by telephone. A valid letter of sponsorship needs to include the following:
      1. Addressed to Aims Community College, Attn: Cashier’s Office, and dated
      2. Student's name and student number
      3. Specifications of what the agency will pay for such as tuition, fees, books, etc. OR actual dollar amount to be covered. Sponsor letters for student books need to be delivered to the Aims Bookstore before purchases are made.
      4. Agency's billing address and authorized signature
      5. Specifications of length of sponsorship such as school year, semester, OR actual class(es) to be covered.
    3. Students are responsible for making arrangements for agency billing at the time of registration and following payment guidelines as listed above.
    4. Students are responsible for any charges not covered by their agency and are subject to late fees and refund guidelines.
    5. Letters of sponsorship must be submitted each semester. It is the student's responsibility to ensure paperwork is on file each semester by the deadlines.
    6. If being covered for books and supplies in addition of tuition/fees, a separate letter must be given to the bookstore. To clarify, if the sponsor is covering tuition/fee and books/supplies, a letter needs to be given to the Cashier office for tuition/fees and a second letter or copy needs to be given to the bookstore.
    7. Most agencies will be invoiced 30-45 days after the Full Term course drop period. Agencies should make payment in full prior to the next subsequent registration in order for the student(s) to be allowed to register for other classes.
    8. Questions? Call Accounts Receivable/Cashier office, (970)339-6349 or visit our website.
  2. Self-supporting/Continuing Education classes: Tuition and fees for these classes are due upon registration. Please visit the Continuing Education website for more details.

  3. Payments may be made in cash, one-party checks, money order, cashier’s check,  VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, Campus card, or American Express with proper state/federal photo identification. Credit card payments are accepted by telephone. Credit card payments can be made via the web at  Cashier will accept personal, one-party checks in the amount of charges only. A valid driver's license is required.
    1. Checks returned to the College will be processed by CrediCheck. All NSF checks will be assessed a $20.00 service fee plus 20% of the face value of the check OR an additional $20.00, whichever is greater. Pursuant to C.R.S. 13-21-109.  Checks will not be accepted from students who have written or submitted two or more returned checks to the College.
    2. Temporary/counter checks are not accepted by the college. 

  4. Refunds/adjustments on student accounts: Students are required to drop classes on or before the drop deadline or by the day marking 7% of course meeting time to receive a refund or an adjustment in charges to their account. Even if classes are not attended, they should be dropped in Admissions and Records or online by the drop deadline in order to eliminate charges on account. Students can view their drop/withdrawal deadlines online via "View a Printable Bill" link located on the My Financials tab

  5. Each student is responsible for payment of his/her own expenses. The College is not responsible for making payment arrangements with parents, guardians, international agencies, or other third parties.

  6. Students with unpaid balances will be referred to an external collection service. Collection service fees and other costs incurred to collect unpaid amounts will be added to the student’s balance at the collection agency. Once assigned to the collection agency, students are to only communicate, pay or make payment arrangements with the collection agency.  All holds will remain on student accounts until the entire balance is paid in full at the collection agency. 

  7. Parents/guardians of students under the age of 18 at time of registration will be held liable for any unpaid balance. A current "Release of Confidential Information" form needs to be on file in order for the college to discuss matters with the parent per FERPA privacy rights. Rights of the student’s record are NOT inherent to the parent once a student attends an institution greater than 12th grade. All rights go to the student even thou the student may still be attending High School.

  8. E-Bill Notices are emailed to the students email address on file with Admissions and Records. It is the students responsibility to give their bill to the responsible party per the posted deadlines.