About Aims

How to Get Started
  1. Apply for Admission to Aims

    • Need to browse through our programs and courses before you apply? Check out the "Areas of Study" link to the right.
    • Complete the online application, or apply in person at any Aims Campus
    • International students: For students who have or want an F-1 visa.
    • Students with disabilities Email: disabilities@aims.edu; or call (970) 339-6251 to arrange accommodations at least six weeks before classes start.
  2. Attend an online New Student Orientation

    • The online New Student Orientation will help you get started on a successful college experience!
    • It’s required if you are pursuing a degree or certificate, but all students are encouraged to participate.
    • You can view it anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace. Computer labs are available on all campuses if you don't have Internet access.
    • Starting April 7, log into your myAims account and go to the New Student Orientation link on the Student tab.
  3. Apply for Financial Aid if needed

    • This is optional, but it's free to apply. You may qualify for:
      • Grants and Scholarships (generally you don't have to pay these types of aid back)
      • Loans (this type of aid you do pay back after you graduate)
      • Workstudy (work part time to earn money while attending Aims)
    • It's best to apply at least 2 months before classes begin; many apply as early as February to get help paying for classes that start in August
    • Need more information?
  4. Assess for College Placement

    • Assessment helps determine skill in reading, English and math so you can start in the appropriate course level.
    • Meet the Assessment requirements by showing:
      • ACT scores* (Reading 17, Sentence Skills 18, Math 19), OR
      • SAT scores* (Verbal 430, Math 460), OR
      • Successful completion of college-level math and English courses,
      • OR Take the Accuplacer computer placement assessment

    * If the scores are more than 3 years old, the ACCUPLACER assessment may be required.

  5. Meet with an Advisor

    • Call for an appointment – or to see if you can skip this step.  Greeley Campus (970) 339-6251
      Fort Lupton Campus (303) 857-4022, ext. 4300
      Loveland Campus (970) 667-4611, ext. 3300 
  6. Register for classes

    • Register online using the internal website “myAims”.   
    • AAA 090 / AAA 101: This class, in a one or three credit format, will help you make connections with other students while you learn strategies to boost your grades and success in college. You’ll learn how to work smarter, not harder.  Whether it’s learning to take notes from fast-talking professors or strategies for reading and remembering hundreds of textbook pages, the Advanced Academic Achievement classes will make you a better student.
  7. Pay for classes

  8. Prepare for classes

Still have questions?

Send us an email and we'll point you in the right direction!

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