Information Technology Service Center

Wireless Overview

Access for faculty, staff, and students: AIMS-SECURE

You can access Aims' wireless data network in most buildings and many outdoor locations on campus. 

Wireless networking encrypted with Wi-Fi Protected Access-Enterprise (WPA-E/WPA2-E) technology is available for faculty, staff, and students.  This service requires a username and password in order to connect.

Encrypted wireless connections make it more difficult for others to "listen in" on your wireless conversation. The service cannot encrypt your data through all the paths it travels, but it does offer a more secure connection at the most vulnerable area of the path it travels.


Connect to the "AIMS-SECURE-STUDENT" network and use your myAims myAims username and password.


Connect to the "AIMS-SECURE-EMPLOYEE" network and use your Windows Windows username and password.

Configure your laptop or phone for encrypted wireless

Select your operating system: