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Computer Software Updates

Aims IT is committed to ensuring a secure computing environment and recognizes the need to prevent and manage vulnerabilities in college technology resources by applying timely software updates, also referred to as patching. Unpatched computers and software threaten the integrity of the college network and all computers connected to it.

Patching and Updates Requirement

All technology resources connected to the Aims network must run up-to-date security configurations.

Risks of an Unpatched Network

New software vulnerabilities are continually being discovered, and, if exploited, can lead to the following risks:

  • Data breaches
  • Identity theft for individuals whose data is stolen
  • Downtime of critical systems
  • Damaged reputation
  • Financial loss
  • Regulatory non-compliance

Patch Schedule

College-owned end user computers are patched at least once a month on a regular schedule. 

There may be instances when Aims IT deploys patches outside of the regular monthly cadence to address particularly severe vulnerabilities that pose significant risk to the college. Users signed in to their computers at the time of patching will receive an update notification once they are ready to install with an option to defer installation and a system restart.

Patching FAQ

No. Your computer only needs to be connected to the internet to receive updates.

Your computer will be patched the next time it is online.

All end user computer operating systems supported by IT will be patched.

Operating system and supported third party software will be kept up-to-date.

You can delay installations, which require a reboot, and reboots up to three times each.

Your computer will automatically reboot after 15 minutes if the reboot notification is closed or ignored.

Protecting Personal Devices

I want to update:

Windows 10
Google Chrome Browser
Mozilla Firefox Browser
Android Apps
Apple iOS or iPadOS
Apple iOS or iPadOS Apps

To find out more about patching and software updates and why they are necessary at Aims, you can read Understanding Patches and Software Updates, an official webpage of the United States government. For questions specific to Aims patching, contact Aims IT Security.