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  • This certificate is offered exclusively to high school students enrolled in the College in High School program. Earn six college credits while in high school by studying the basics of allied health careers, medical terminology and emergency responses.
  • This introductory certificate teaches the basics of animal science theory and practice. Study livestock breeding and handling, feeds and feeding, and farm and ranch management.
  • This certificate gives you an overview of using AutoCAD and SolidWorks software tools and techniques. Learn the Cartesian coordinate system, drawing templates, linetype and lineweights, layers, parametric feature-based solid modeling concepts and more.
  • Students receive an introduction to construction work for all crafts. This will give students a general overview of carpentry methods as they prepare for jobs in carpentry and construction.
  • Experience what it takes to work in a public-facing customer service position. Gain skills in time management, team building, human relations in organizations, stress management and leadership as they relate to customer service.
  • Expand your horticultural knowledge while gaining vital industry skills. This certificate builds on the introductory horticulture certificate with classes in crop production, plant health and dynamics of the world’s food supply.
  • Receive a comprehensive education in energy technologies and petroleum fundamentals in use today. Students will also learn how to thrive in an oil and gas organization by understanding principles that lead to success such as business ethics, time management and team building.
  • Learn about advanced geospatial technologies such as global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS). Gain fundamental computer skills along with an understanding of how these technologies are used to enhance agricultural equipment for precision planting and harvesting and other applications.
  • Gain skills in the fundamentals of news reporting, writing and editing. Explore the different beats that journalists cover and learn how to do research, conduct interviews, and write and edit like a reporter.
  • This automotive technology certificate program covers everything you need to know to perform maintenance and light repairs on automobiles. Learn basic automotive systems and how to diagnose and repair them, including brakes, electrical, starting and charging systems, engines, emissions, suspension and steering, drive trains, transmissions and HVAC.