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Campus Safety and Security

Aims Campus Safety and Security staff outside the Student Commons Building

The Aims Campus Safety and Security Team Is Here To Help

Aims Campus Safety and Security provides the following services to the Aims community of students, faculty, staff and visitors:

  • Safety and security-related trainings
  • Safety drill planning and management
  • Security monitoring system maintenance
  • Fire and burglar alarm system monitoring
  • Safety escorts
  • Event security services
  • Crisis incident response
  • Emergency management plan and checklist development for all campus locations
  • Parking management

Safety Services

  • Parking

    Aims uses a no-cost parking permit program to ensure safety and security for our faculty, staff, students and visitors. Parking permits are available by contacting the Student Life Department.

    Contact Student Life
  • Apps and Alerts

    Aims students, faculty and staff can download smartphone apps that make it easy to contact Campus Security in an emergency, request a virtual escort, report incidents, access emergency protocols and set up alerts.

    Access Apps
  • Lost and Found

    If an item is found on campus, bring it to the Lost and Found at the Campus Safety and Security office on the campus where it was found.

    Contact Security
  • Report an Incident

    For non-emergency situations at any of our campuses, you may anonymously report crimes by calling our security officers at the appropriate location listed in the sidebar or by submitting an incident report.

    Submit an Incident Report
  • Request an Escort

    Any student, visitor, faculty or staff member can request an escort when crossing campus alone, at any time, by calling the appropriate Campus Security office.

    See phone numbers for each Aims campus in the sidebar or email Campus Security at the link below.

    Contact Security
  • Be Prepared

    Find more Aims, local, state and federal safety resources to help you prepare for emergencies and disasters. Get answers to frequently asked questions about non-emergency situations on Aims campuses.

    See Safety Resources

Aims Event Security

The Campus Safety and Security team provides security services for all Aims events, including:

  • Security screening 
  • Parking and access
  • Incident response
  • Crowd management
  • Event monitoring
  • Customer service

Campus Safety and Security Events and Trainings

Throughout the year, Campus Safety and Security hosts seminars and trainings on safety issues and emergency preparation. View upcoming events below.

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Campus Safety and Security Staff

The Aims Campus Safety and Security department strives to maintain a safe and secure learning and working environment by providing law enforcement and armed security patrols at all campus locations. Aims Campus Safety and Security Staff are dedicated to supporting the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors on all Aims campuses.