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Aims Policies

Aims Community College campus

The policies outlined by Aims Community College reflect and support the college’s mission, vision, purpose and values. Students, staff and visitors are expected to abide by the policies set forth by the college, as well as those required by law, to continue to build a stronger community and keep a culture of learning, respect and order within the institution.

  • Academic Policies

    The Aims academic policies apply to all classes taught at Aims and are incorporated into each course syllabus.

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  • Code of Conduct

    The Aims Community College student Code of Conduct outlines how students are expected to conduct themselves as members of the Aims community.

    Outline of Student Expectations and Download Code of Conduct
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy

    Aims is an alcohol and drug-free institution in accordance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act.

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  • Policy and Procedure Manual

    The comprehensive Aims Policies and Procedures manual provides governance level statements of position, principle, direction and desired outcome. The manual also includes the procedures by which each policy will be implemented or upheld.

    Review the Aims Policies and Procedures
  • Privacy Policy

    The Aims privacy policy offers transparency about how the website collects, handles and processes data from employees, students and web visitors to protect the privacy of confidential information.

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  • Terms of Use

    This page provides the terms and conditions that govern visitors' use of the Aims Community College website.

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  • Title IX

    Title IX is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in educational institutions that receive federal funding. Aims Community College is committed to ensuring that every member of the college learns and works in an environment free of sex discrimination and sexual harassment.

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