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Event Management

Events are an important component of building connections across the college and the community. The Aims Events team schedules and supports events and activities for internal and external organizations that support the official business of Aims for departments and students.

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Reserve a Room or Event Space

The following provides detailed information about how and when to book an event at the Welcome Center for events either hosted internally and externally.

Normal event hours are 7 a.m.- 7 p.m. weekdays when the college is open. Space reservations can be made up to one year in advance of an event and personal events can be hosted beginning July 1, 2025.

Internal Aims Community College Event

All event spaces (outside of the Welcome Center), classrooms, and conference rooms are available for Aims student and employee use. These room reservation requests must be made through EMS. Welcome Center reservation requests must be made through the Online Request Form

Aims employees booking events on behalf of external organizations follow the external event protocols. 

External Community Event

Community organizations can rent space in the Welcome Center for events. Welcome Center space requests will only be accepted through the Online Request Form and up to four after-hours community events will be hosted each month.

Aims cannot guarantee accommodation for requests received less than 10 business days prior to the event date. Approval of requests is subject to availability. Individuals or groups must assume responsibility for compliance with all state and local laws as well as College policies.

Meet the Team

Event Management staff are committed to securing events that enhance the purpose, mission and vision of Aims Community College.

Christina Edwards headshot

Christina Edwards

Director, Events

Jackie Lyman

Assistant Director I, Events
Anna Hunt headshot

Anna Hunt

Program Manager I, Events
Kelly Porter headshot

Kelly Porter

Program Manager I, Events
Rebecca Alvarez headshot

Rebecca Alvarez

Staff Associate, Events